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Welcome to the website of the IMMO - NOVA Limited

Your information center for real estate investments in Croatia

IMMO - NOVA Ltd. is based and built on international knowledge and experience in buying and selling real estate and investments in larger projects.

Through our central office in Austria (Link http://www.immo-news-kroatien.com/) aswell for our network of partners in Europe, we are able to present your property to potential investors, customers in all over Europe. We find the best buyer for you and we are in direct contact with them.

Same time we are able to offer you homes that will first brings you the joy of their use, but also represents a valuable investment on the other hand. Where you will certainly get a very good profit on your investment. Through our international network, you get a complete, professional service for buying and selling your property.

IMMO - NOVA Limited offers through its network, a large number of residential and commercial real estate in Croatia and other countries of the Mediterranean. We assist in preparation of reports and studies for projects with professional legal and tax advice. In cooperation with the Erste Bank dd Croatia and the Ertse Bank A.G. in Austria and other banks, we provide all the necessary information and services in the implementation and provision of credit facilities.

Whether you will be purchasing a property for rent, holiday home, or for short or long term profita gains, IMMO - NOVA Limited will be able through forward thinking actions to realise the desired.



IMMO – NOVA d.o.o.

51211 Matulji, 43. Istarske divizije 2.

OIB: 84158515347


ERSTE BANK, Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka

Žiro – račun: 2402006 – 1100588784

IBAN: HR4424020061100588784


Temeljni Kapital: 20.000 kuna uplaćen u cijelosti

Član uprave / Direktor: Dragan Nujić, OIB: 47406727173

Prokurist: Istok - Mladen Stipišić, OIB: 25381024497


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